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Reinette Senum
5 min readMar 16, 2021


Eight months ago, after resigning before beginning my third term as a Nevada City City Council Member, I began interviewing medical experts from different respective fields, regarding Covid. This included MDs on the frontlines, oncologists, integrative physicians, PhDs, OSHA experts, etc, regarding perspectives that weren’t getting the media coverage as they should, so as to keep the public informed. While my interviews always go live on my YouTube channel, Reinette Senum’s Chew On This, many are removed within hours; telling me that the interviews are “over the target.” So, because of Youtube’s blatant censorship, I have been moving my interviews to BitChute and Rumble platforms and, in spite of YouTube’s unethical attempt to censor, these videos continue to be uploaded and shared by others, and continue to go viral because people are hungry for this information. Information that the likes of NPR, PBS, the nightly news, the press, the Who, the CDC, your Public Health Department, and your governor, are not providing.

What began as a stay at home order for 2 weeks to “flatten the curve” has now morphed into “vaccinate or never be free” scenario that has made it very clear that this has nothing to do with our health. I, personally, have been saying this for nearly a year now, as I did last summer on Del Bigtree’s, The Highwire. And now that we have moved beyond the only thing we had available at the beginning, predictive modeling, and moved into fact-based information, this should be clear to everyone else as well: These statistics, recent studies, and evidence, clearly demonstrate that this is NOT the deadly pandemic we were originally sold on.

Once this information became abundantly clear last spring, I was astonished and dismayed to find our elected state and county officials, Fauci and the rest of them, did not course-correct, and it became very apparent to me that we were heading down a very dangerous path. Over the past year it has become even more clear that our government’s health and policy decisions are not only misguided and counter-productive, but even lethal.

So, in addition to uploading these timely and critical videos onto a variety of different platforms, I will make sure to post them on this website, regularly, so as to make them easily accessible to my subscribers. This, too, is now necessary because the Google search engines are burying and shadow banning these videos, as well.

Then there are the “fact-checkers,” like PolticoFact.com and Snopes.com! Oy vey! Blatant, malicious, and outright liars. I ponder how these “fact-checkers” all sleep at night because facts and morals elude them.

If that wasn’t enough, every-single-person who calls out the lies in this Covid narrative, is immediately attacked in the press, deemed in Wikipedia as “once respected,” but now a “conspiracy theorist,” has “embraced pseudoscientific medicine,” is a “Qanon follower”… When one shines a light upon the lies, the online character-assassins are released, and facts and journalistic standards no longer apply. Who is being accused of these audacious accusations? The likes of Robert Kennedy Jr, Tony Robins, Naomi Wolf, Dr Sherri Tenpenny, Dr. Vernon Coleman , Dr Christiane Northrup…. the list goes on, and is growing as respected thought-leaders catch on. For having their own well developed opinions they are all called the same sophomoric names, as if we never left our elementary playgrounds. In case you are wondering, these individuals don’t need the limelight. They don’t need attention, or to establish their clout. What they have in common is the uncommon backbone to call out a false and dangerous narrative around Covid. They have been willing to put their reputations, their licenses, relationships, and their incomes on the line; only to immediately be labeled every nut-title in the book… because the only tactic that remains for these online thought-purveyors, like Wikipedia, is to attack their respective reputations, and not debate on the merit of facts.

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny has been going through this particular wringer for years now because of her knowledge, and ability to buck the thought-police, and transmute complicated scientific papers into layman’s terms. This video, Dr Sherri Tenpenny’s TOP 10 Ways The Shots Will Affect You, is the most recent interview I have done, and is the most important of all. An earlier video I did with Dr. Tenpenny, last January, was removed from my YouTube channel once it went viral, but fortunately, others uploaded it onto their BitChute accounts and the video took off, going viral once again.

This recent interview is a MUST WATCH. What Fauci, our Public Health Department directors, medical workers, media, and the fraudulent Facebook Fact Checkers are literally lying about, is that these Covid “vaccinations” have NEVER EVER been tested for efficacy and safety. In order for these experimental inoculations to have been released, they had to receive what is called an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA). In other words, in order to inoculate the masses, rapidly, people had to unwittingly become human subjects in the largest clinical trials, ever.

There are very clear, legally required steps that must be taken when an individual participates in a biological experiment. This is defined clearly in the Nuremberg Code. This is called Informed Consent, and generally takes a good 10–15 minutes for a provider to review with a propsective candidate before giving an experimental drug or inoculation. When I ask personal friends and family members, who have received these inoculations, if they went through the Informed Consent process, every-single-person has told me, no. In fact, they are surprised to find out these shots have not been tested for safety and effectiveness, and that, yes, they have just unwittingly been thrown into the largest, global biological experiment of all time… without their knowledge or consent. To be frank, this is considered a human rights violation, and is considered a crime against humanity.

The evidence is overwhelming. The interviews I have conducted over the last few months, simply add to the treasure chest of empirical evidence, studies, statistics, and frontline personal accounts. Unfortunately, most Americans are not receiving this information because media outlets, from the national to local level, are clearly censoring and hiding this information. Sorry, folks, but never in history have we had a group of individuals censoring others because they were fighting for justice. If you are on the side of censorship or cancel-culture, you are standing on the wrong side of history.

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