The Theater of War Comes Homes

Reinette Senum
7 min readMar 24, 2018

March 24, 2018

|Reinette Senum

On this day, Saturday, March 24th, 2018, a day that students are rising across the nation marching against the NRA, I want to share my thoughts. I am delighted to see our youth step into their power. It is overdue and I have written about this in the past, here. However, I believe there is much more to this story than automatic weapons and the NRA so hear me out. Hear me out before you make a swift judgment regarding my opinion of what is going on with all of these mass shootings.

First of all, if I ever die under suspicious circumstances I hope to God that EVERYBODY questions the official narrative and leave no stone unturned. We behave in this nation like asking deeper questions, pointing out inaccuracies in “official stories”, or questioning authority regarding mass slayings is a bad thing. We owe it to the victims of ALL mass shootings (or any shooting or suicide) to ask as many questions as possible Out of Respect.


Many of you are familiar with US President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s 1961 farewell address warning the nation of what he viewed as one of its greatest threats; the military-industrial complex composed of military contractors and lobbyists perpetuating war.

As Eisenhower clearly defined, “an immense military establishment and a large arms industry” was an emerging hidden force in US politics and he warned Americans not to “fail to comprehend its grave implications.” Today, Eisenhower’s prophetic words have never been more resounding.

America is in perpetual war(s), 134 wars depending on your definition, and today that war has come home to roost.


Either through overseas newscasts or through military psy-ops American flag-waving disinformation campaigns were constantly implanted in the minds of global citizens for decades by the U.S. military in conjunction with its corporate media. So refined was this global tentacle that it was invisible to the unwary eye. Not until the publishing of Confessions of an Economic Hit Man or the 1997 Hollywood film, Wag the Dog, did Americans begin to become aware of such hidden war-schemes.

Americans, for the most part, were insulated from this US hegemony mind control scheme being propagated worldwide by the U. S. state department. For decades this psychological warfare, promoted either through media or through terror, always had the same reoccurring theme; America’s might was right — and always justifiable.

It was in 2012, however, when this war-on-the-mind came home to roost; the Smith Mundt Act that prevented the US government from propagandizing against the American people as it had global citizens was completely dismantled.Hardly an American noticed.

The Smith Mundt Act that explicitly “forbids information and psychological operations aimed at influencing U.S. public opinion“ was nullified through the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). America’s slick propaganda machine already had the experience, the money, and now with political approval it set its sights on the unsuspecting American public.


Today we find this propaganda system’s overarching objective is to render the messaging invisible by universalizing it within the American culture whether through violent video games, sports, Hollywood films/television, or college and high school campus military recruiting. It’s ubiquitous within the American culture and is perpetuated without question.

While Americans and it media are quick to point out Russian trolls that influence our Presidential elections nary a word is mentioned about US Military Trolls & burgeoning Crisis Industry in America. Today, every American is pressured to accept some sort of military fettering thanks to either a orchestrated event or manufactured hysteria. To do otherwise is considered un-American and sets one up for perpetual demonization.

To clarify, when I speak about a orchestrated event I’m not saying people don’t die. A scene is either set for deaths to occur or for the Deep State to take advantage of these tragic deaths, particularly scripting, in order to manufacture an emotional response for a political agenda.

In the words of Chicago Mayor, Rahm Emanuel, “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. And what I mean by that is an opportunity to do things that you think you could not do before.”

This is not speculation. We clearly saw this in false congressional testimonies by children from Iraq and President Bush’s administration insistence of WMD, justifying an unjustifiable war in Iraq.

This trend and the force behind it was clarified by best selling author, journalist, and former political advisor, Naomi Wolf, who, during a 2016 public appearance, was asked by an audience member to speak to this deceptive industry.

Wolf articulated how it is common knowledge that our U.S. state department has engaged in events and spectacles throughout the world so as to push their political/military agenda and that most people may not realize what they think are actual events are actually staged to various degrees.

Wolf stated to the audience, “We have entered an era that it is not crazy to assess news events to see if they are real or not real. In fact it’s kind of crazy not to.” She continued that there is now a “reflexive vilification of anyone speculating about an event as a conspiracy theorist. But all over the world our intelligence services are engaged in conspiring to create outcomes. That is their job. That’s how they are successful. Now that it’s legal to propagandize the United States it doesn’t surprise me that that there’s more and more products coming up in popular culture and more and more events in the news-stream that seems, to my eye, to be subsidized.”

“We already know” Wolf continued, “that there are infiltrators that dress up like protestors and provoke violence. Why is it unthinkable that there might be spectacles that drive an outcome in the news stream? We have entered a time in which we need to be very skeptical about the news stream and look at it critically and ask for more verification and more inquiry. If laws have made it legal to assassinate American citizens and legal to propagandize them why should it be crazy or weird to think that it might be for a reason?”

Exactly. The only reason these laws have been implemented or changed is because there IS an intention to use them. Why else would the Smith Mundt Act have been dismantled if there wasn’t a reason for it? I believe that once an American understands this it becomes his or her responsibility to look for its signsand discern truth from dangerous propaganda.

While Wolf may seem alarmist, one can look over the last 6 years since the dismantling of the Smith Mundt Act and clearly see a significant uptick in these mass shooting events.

Simply check out this graph.

Significant rise in mass shootings since the dismantling of the Smith Mundt Act in 2012

What is the objective behind these mass shootings? While some people would answer, it’s to take away our right to bear arms,” this only scratches the surface. THIS is the red herring. THIS is meant to distract us. Ultimately, if you remove the understandable and constant clamoring to ban assault rifles you will find at the core school districts, legislators, even students and their parents demanding more protection, more security, more fortification of venues, schools, hotels, casinos and such: More ways to spend money on the military-industrial complex (MIC).

Ultimately the hidden objective is to pump up the demand for the services/products of the MIC with the increase demand for security devices such as metal detectors, bullet proof glass, terror training, RFID student badges, bomb sniffing dogs, security guards, etc. Notice that no matter which way we turn the solution is one that always benefits the surveillance/security state?

No. This is not accidental. This is all by design and it’s time the American people wake up to what lies below this dark system because until we do we can expect the number mass shootings to only increase.


Today, I always assume that major media’s “official story” on mass shootings are lies & manipulation mixed into real tragedy. There has to actually be real terrorism. There has to be individuals who have been subjected to and can speak to the crimes. It’s the Message, however, and individuals that are placed before major media’s cameras so as to dominate the narrative that I am calling out in particular.

I think the wary-growing public should keep careful track of this trend and use it for the Public’s own Arsenal of Truths rather than go along with major media’s scripted response. The major media does not want us calling out global arms dealers; just stick with the NRA.

The NRA is nothing more than the scapegoat. It is used as a deflection from calling out the true sinister agent; the MIC. Imagine the potency of the youth’s message if it was not simply speaking up against guns and the NRA, but calling out the military-industrial complex itself: Demanding an end to unjust and unconstitutional wars and propaganda against global citizens and now the American people.

We must ask ourselves, is it simply the restrictions of guns that we are seeking or do we really want to end the violence EVERYWHERE? The bombings. The drones. Civilians deaths of global citizens including children. The coups…. While I have no doubt students are sincere in their request, I believe it ultimately will lead us to little change and this is by design. Until we point out the root of this evilwe can only expect the violence to not only continue, but to increase. Is this really what we want?

If we truly want to end the horrific gun violence we are going to have to address the MIC that has been quietly spreading its insidious agenda around the planet and throughout our nation, only escalating since Eisenhower’s ominous warning in 1961. Pointing the finger at the NRA is more a distraction than a solution; it barely touches the surface of what is really the cause of our nation’s escalating violence.

While I salute the youth for stepping up, I trust this is just the beginning, we are all going to miss the mark until we demand the revival of the Smith Mundt Act, the eradication of the NDAA, and the defunding of the War Machine that has been and will continue to destroy nations around the world including the United States, from the inside out.

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