“FOR YOUR OWN HEALTH” TO “TOTAL TYRANNY,” A Reinette Senum’s Chew On This! Interview

Reinette Senum
5 min readApr 3, 2021

Reinette Senum’s Chew On This! provides another timely interview (from my now deplatformed YouTube channel). Fortunately, it’s on Bitchute, HERE. This round of interviews includes Israeli human rights lawyer and activist, Tamir Turgal, and Israeli, Ilana Rachel, whose audio-file-call-for-help was heard around the world. In addition, The Healthy American’s, Peggy Hall, joins this critical and eye-opening discussion regarding the slippery slope that began with “it’s for your own good” to “no vaccine “passports,” no freedoms.” Interestingly enough, patterns are clearly appearing around the world related to the Covid lockdowns and government response — from Israel, to Ireland, to the US, and Australia. What are some of these patterns? Well, national, regional, and county officials around the world are denying citizens access to vital statistics. Thousands of citizens around the world, such as myself, have submitted Public Record Requests to their respective Health Departments, asking for their local vital statistics, and have been denied by their governments — which is completely illegal in America, btw.

Why is this? Obviously, it’s because our omni-potent leaders must have something to hide, otherwise these “health experts” and elected officials would be more than happy to provide the public with their numbers; verifying that our leaders’ decisions have ultimately been serving the public good; not doing more harm than damage. But instead, leaders and public health departments in-every-single-nation are hiding these statistics because they know these numbers do not support their draconian and fascist orders. What else are we seeing? Well, pizza and donuts. Kid you not. US leaders have been coaxing their citizens into getting an experimental inoculation by providing free Krispy Kreme donuts in the US, and even Israel officials are offering a slice of pizza. You would think that if this was really about our “health” they would be offering, say, tasty green salads… but we already know this has nothing to do with our wellbeing… otherwise our health representatives would have been distributing vitamin C & D, and zinc tablets to the masses, like India has successfully been doing for nearly a year now. If this was really about our health, our leaders would have been ensuring we had community gardens in every neighborhood that could easily provide local, organic, and very healthy produce. But this has not been the case, not a year ago, not even today. What’s most telling and depressing about the Krispy Kreme donuts and pizza slices? It’s working. People around the world are throwing themselves into a massive biological experiment for some free carbs. Sad days, indeed. What other patterns have we seen? A massive rollout of 5G while the world was locked away. While in this most recent Chew On This!interview with my new Israeli friends, I did not ask them about a 5G rollout while they were in lockdown in Israel. However, immediately following our interview, in a private conversation, I did happen to ask Ilana and Tamir if they saw a similar rollout of 5G small cell antennas throughout Israel. Sure enough, Ilana said, yes, indeed they did. Once they were free to step outside their homes again, they saw 5G mmWave antennas and cell towers had been quietly installed, everywhere, throughout Israel.

The same thing happened here in our county in Northern California, and throughout the whole entire nation. I saw this with my own eyes, in my own community. As soon as we received our stay-at-home orders, a small army of utility trucks began rolling out in the wee hours of the mornings. Day after day after day, before most people generally woke up during their cozy lock-down, bands of utility workers were out installing what looks to be small cell, 5G mmWave strand-mounted antennas, attached to innocuous fiber optic cables, and along miles and miles of roadways… everywhere. I reported this information to Dafna Tachover of the Children’s Health Defense (Director of5G and Wireless Harms Project ), and she confirmed the same thing was being reported around the nation. In addition, we were seeing utility trucks in closed school campuses around the nation, quietly installing 5G mmWave infrastructure, as well. School officials were mum in sharing what was happening on our school campuses. Why would that be?

So, let’s think about this for a moment. Do you know how long it takes to get the approval, funding, logistics, etc., together for a massive technological rollout of this magnitude? Not just across the nation, but around the world? This doesn’t just happen spontaneously. It takes time, money, and organizing to pull off something like this. And this was all done in unison, around the world, under the cover of an unexpected pandemic. This is not possible, unless done well in advance. What is going to happen when all this 5G mmWave infrastructure is turned on worldwide? Are we going to have another “covid wave?” Another “covid variant?” Sorry. We can’t just sit here and pretend this is all coincidental. Particularly when symptoms of microwave radiation sickness are similar to covid; loss of taste and smell, decreased oxygen to the hemoglobin, to name a few. We have to have an adult conversation and realize something is up, and we need to pay attention, and speak up now like our lives depend upon it. Because they do. To better understand how things are going to play out here in America all we need to do is listen to my Chew On This!interview, and look no further than Israel. Are the vaccinations mandatory there? Nah. They’re not mandatory. Not at all. But you can’t go to the bank, got to the grocery store, go to concerts, go to the gym, go anywhere, unless you have your “Green Pass” Vaccine Passport. And you can only receive this if you are willing to participate in a massive biological experiment. To take it a step further, the Israeli government now has its citizens and visitors wearing green “tracking bracelets” to make ensure you stay home, quarantined.

So, let’s just cut to the chase. This is not a passport. This is a modern-day version of the Y ellow Star of David. This has nothing to do with health. This has nothing to do with wellbeing. This has nothing to do with “being for your own safety.” This is a mechanism to control, surveil, and possible extinguish a massive amount of the human population…. and we have been so dumbed down, so unwilling to question authority, or able to conduct one iota of critical thinking, that we are willing to travel this disastrous and tyrannical path of doom for a piece of pizza and a sprinkle-covered donut.

People. We can do better than this.

Originally published at https://www.thefoghornexpress.com on April 3, 2021.



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