Reinette Senum’s Chew On This! provides another timely interview (from my now deplatformed YouTube channel). Fortunately, it’s on Bitchute, HERE. This round of interviews includes Israeli human rights lawyer and activist, Tamir Turgal, and Israeli, Ilana Rachel, whose audio-file-call-for-help was heard around the world. In addition, The Healthy American’s, Peggy…

Sad to report, has gone the way of the Dark Ones; Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube… and so on. Like many times before, I went to this platform to upload my story/video, and this one, unlike all the others, will not upload. It’s seems to fail when the title…

Reinette Senum

Blogger, storyteller, human-foghorn; I’m a community curator & activist determined to find and share the truth

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